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Global Economy Collapse 2011

This is How the US Economy would Collapse.


Top Articles for MBA Projects in 2010

This link would guide you down to the Top Best MBA Article and Project in 2010

Group Discussion Topics

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  1. Word of Mouth – You don’t need to spend billions in drumming about your products, if you can get your own customers to talk about it. The age-old Marketing mantra of customer referral ‘by word-of-mouth’ holds good even today. Word of Mouth marketing is just about the cheapest thing you can do to boost your business. But this works on the premise that a satisfied customer would bring in another fellow customer. so the bottomline is, keep your customer happy. Impress them, and they’ll tell everyone they know. But there are more aggressive tactics you can use – ask everyone to know.
  2. Mobile Outlet Marketing – Many upcoming entrepreneurs have also found rural markets to be very receptive grounds when it comes to launching a marketing blitzkrieg. The rural activation system rolls out through mobile vans popularizing products, extending service and acting as mobile outlets. The actual scope of each mobile visit to small cities or rural outposts varies from company to company and is spaced across a few months, For Continuation go to this link….>>>  “Click this Link” <<<

Marketing and Finance Projects

  1. Forms of E-Banking – ” Click on this Link
  2. Budget and Budgeting – ” Click on this Link
  3. Futures and Options in India – ” Click on this Link
  4. 7 P’s of Marketing on Internet – ” Click on this Link
  5. Website Development and Search Engine Optimization – ” Click on this Link
  6. Online Advertising Model – ” Click on this Link
  7. Importance of Offline Marketing to Drive traffic Online – ” Click on this Link
  8. Benefits of I-Marketing – ” Click on this Link

More then 100 Articles Available for FREE!!

You can download the Project Reports for free which contains several reports on banking, communication, marketing, finance, Hr, Technology, and many more for free!!Follow the link.

Link – Webpage for more then 100 Articles and Projects Information

Trading Projects..

  1. Twitter Revenue Model – ” Click on this Link
  2. Facebook Revenue Model – ” Click on this Link
  3. Advertising Industry – ” Click on this Link
  4. SWOT Analysis of Paramount Airlines – ” Click on this Link
  5. FAQ for Derivative Trading – I – ” Click on this Link
  6. FAQ for Derivative Trading – II – ” Click on this Link
  7. FAQ for Derivative Trading – III – ” Click on this Link
  8. SWOT Analysis of Hotel Marketing – ” Click on this Link
  9. FAQ for Derivative Trading – IV – ” Click on this Link

More Projects!!

  1. Marketing Mix of EA Games – ” Click on this Link
  2. Marketing Mix of Rockstar Games – ” Click on this Link
  3. Marketing Mix of Activision – ” Click on this Link
  4. How is Mutual Fund Setup ? – ” Click on this Link
  5. Cigarette Industry – ” Click on this Link
  6. SWOT Analysis of Maggi – ” Click on this Link
  7. State Bank of India – ” Click on this Link
  8. STP of EA Games, Rockstar Games & Activision – ” Click on this link

Project Download Section

The Following Project and the Reports can be found in the given Download links below : –

Download Projects : –

NGO’s – Non- Governmental Organization : – “Click on this Link

Data Collection Methods : – “Click On this Link

Mutual Fund Industry : –  “Click on this Link”

SWOT Analysis of Reliance Mutual Fund : – “Click on this Link

Mutual Fund Term : – “Click on this Link

Company Profile for Reliance Mutual Fund : – “Click on this link

Internet Marketing Strategy : – “Click on this Link

IPO – Initial Public Offering : – “Click on this Link

Definitions and Abbreviations in IPO : -“ Click on this Link

IPO Scams : – “Click on this Link

Download PowerPoint : – Read more of this post

SWOT Analysis of MTNL

SWOT Analysis of MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited)MTNL Logo


  1. MTNL is one of the NAVRATNA companies.
  2. The company enjoys large consumer base in NEW DELHI.
  3. Being a Govt. company , it enjoys a strong reliability among users.
  4. High on cash.


  1. Poor marketing
  2. Slow on implementation
  3. It does not provide good network.
  4. Bureaucratic organizational structure


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